Berne Fleming Civil & Building Contractors

Berne Fleming Civil is a leading provider of civil construction services throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our portfolio of services range from project conception through to project completion, including fully detailed and integrated design, project management and construction activities for a range of civil and structural for both private and government organisations.



    Safety above all else

    Everybody goes home without harm at the end of the day


    Committed to creating and maintaining long-term relationships 


    Honesty, respect and equitable treatment for all, without compromise

    Fair Return

    Reward for all commensurate with the value delivered - a fair pay for a fair days work.




  • Berne Fleming Civil’s Management is always ‘hands on’ in managing projects and subcontractors onsite. The Management of projects is achieved through a trained workforce and management team whom understand our Integrated Management System and the importance of our system in ensuring that all works carried out on behalf of our Clients are successfully completed safely, on time and within budget and with due care for the environment.


  • Berne Fleming Civil operates an integrated management system (IMS) for ensuring that all works carried out on behalf of our Clients are successfully completed safely, on time, within budget and with due care for the environment. Our IMS System has been developed through continual improvement over numerous years and includes Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental; all of which are integrated into one system complying with the following standards:

    AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality management Systems
    AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001 Safety Management Systems
    AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management Systems

    Our commitment to environmental protection and preservation has together with the health and safety of our workforce, customers and the general public, been at the forefront of Berne Fleming Civil’s operations since our inspection. Our Occupational Health and Safety System and our Environmental Management System are independently certified by SAI Global and have been successfully operating internally for many years as part of our Internal Management System. Our continual improvement of our IMS is evident from the culture embedded within our workforce and the ongoing commitment of our business to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.



⦾ Foundations (including anchors to bedrock for lofty air separation towers)

⦾ Water pumping stations

⦾ Chemical storage facilities

⦾ Silo foundations

⦾ Loading Docks

⦾ Light / Medium / Heavy Duty Pavements

⦾ Roads and Car Parks (pavements, drainage, kerb and channel, landscape, electrical)

⦾ Railway tracks and ballast

⦾ Stormwater drainage and pipelines

⦾Hard and soft landscaping


"The quality of the building was a great reflection of Berne Fleming’s team, their experience and professional workmanship"

Paul Hayes, Chisholm TAFE – Berwick Trade Training Centre


We have an excellent reputation as a design-and-construct contractor of varied commercial buildings and over the past years we have performed many varied building projects, individually up to $3 million in value, ranging from generator pump stations, loading docks, warehouse extensions, warehouse modification and rectification works, internal remedial and building modification works, pre-cast concrete buildings and drive-in theatre screens. We have refined our expertise over the previous 27 years and are experienced at building tank farms, heavy concrete foundations, warehouse buildings and warehouse extensions through to the finer internal fit out works, carpentry works and services works to complement these commercial and industrial buildings. We always meet or exceed our customers’ expectations with regard to quality, safety and timely delivery.


Berne Fleming Civil Pty Ltd has undertaken numerous pavement works over the past 27 years ranging from paving of roads and pathways to heavy duty concrete and asphalt pavements for the manufacturing sector and local governments. All our roadworks are carried out to VicRoads specifications. We undertake strict conformance testing for materials, tracking of materials, tolerances for level and line, and all underground stormwater pipes inspected by CCTV footage and compaction testing in layers as required. Pavement testing and reporting, using NATA registered laboratories, are an integral part of our QA processes which form the basis of our Quality Management System. Our focus on quality and improving overall performance ensures that our customers receive value and contracts are completed safely and reliable.


"Berne Fleming Civil was a delight to work with; they designed, managed and built the project with precision – I look forward to our next project"

Sonya Slocombe, St Francis Xavier College


Berne Fleming Civil has been involved in the Education field for over 15 years. We have undertaken numerous paving, hard and soft scaping works to schools, universities and educational institutions in the central, western and northern suburbs of Greater Melbourne. Berne Fleming Civil has been contracted with Williamstown High’s Bayview Campus, Mitcham’s Mullauna College, St. Marks Primary School in Fawkner, Southern Cross Grammar in Caroline Springs, Maribyrnong Secondary College, Albert Park College and Chisholm TAFE Berwick Campus and Cranbourne Campus to construct various pavements and associated earthworks. Berne Fleming Civil also undertook management works including budgets for legal cases and a strategy to repave a large quadrangle whilst saving the 140-year-old oak tree that was creating trip hazards and the reason for much of the repaving works to be undertaken.

Most recently, Berne Fleming Civil was engaged by St. Francis Xavier College to undertake the design and construction of a new access road, maintenance storage building; including storage laydown area and bin storage area, at their Beaconsfield Campus, as part of the overall expansion phrase of the campus. Planning and design works began in the fourth quarter of the year with construction commencing soon after to ensure the majority of the works were completed for the commencement of the new academic school year. Works included the design and construction of medium duty asphalt pavements, heavy duty concrete pavements, and maintenance and bin storage lay down areas and associated fencing works, including the design and construction of the proposed maintenance shed.


"I have used Berne Fleming Civil on various projects and they are always prompt, reliable and well managed"

Steve Cook, Williamstown High Bayview Campus


Berne Fleming Civil has been responsible for the design-and-construction of projects up to the value of one million dollars within customers operating facilities throughout Melbourne, Victoria. Over the years, we were able to contribute to the design-and-construction of elevated pipelines, tanker loading facilities, earth bunding, underground drainage and general structural and civil elements and most recently Berne Fleming Civil has been involved in a wide range of projects ranging from the construction of foundation works associated with a new Jet Fuel Tank at the Melbourne International Airport, to foundations, drainage and structural works for the Defence Science and Technology Department Fuel Tank Farm in Port Melbourne.